Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Caturday!

Last week I took an impromptu trip to Chicago to visit my friend and have since been busy running around doing other stuff. Hurricane Irene is set to hit us pretty hard, and the town is in full emergency mode. I've never seen so much prep before a storm. The trains are shutting down, highways are closing, parts of town are evacuating, and they're even issuing a ban on traffic after nightfall. The elementary school (where I work) has been converted into an emergency shelter and my mom, who volunteers with the town emergency response team, has to stay there and is insisting I stay with her tonight.

Around July last summer we had a very short storm that no one was prepared for, but it did extensive damage. I was out at the time and my car was about 2 feet away from being hit by a fallen tree, and I couldn't get home because the roads were all blocked by fallen trees and power lines. We were out of power for 4 days. I'm glad this time we're prepared at least. The school has a generator but I'll probably be out of internet for a few days, regardless of how hard the storm hits. It's usually the first thing to go!

I hope everyone else in the path of the hurricane is safe and sound!

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