Friday, July 22, 2011

LA Splash Crackle'd nail polish

My local Harmon just got a huge stock of new products in, rearranging the entire front wall of the store to display all this fun stuff! One of the many things they've started stocking is crackle nail polish in every brand that makes them, including OPI's Shatter, Sally Hansen's Crackle, and this new LA Splash Cosmetics (LASplash?) stuff.

I've been dying to try crackled nail polish for a while, and the LA Splash polish was only $4.79, so I decided to give it a try. They had this amazing looking silver glitter crackle called "Ice'd", which I chose over a black since I thought it would look less goth. I put it on over my existing chipping purple manicure (which I was going to take off tomorrow anyway) and came up with... what??

The thin silver glitter immediately turned thick, white, and opaque... it looks like moldy bread! I'm really befuddled because it changed so drastically and looks downright gross (which is exactly what my mom said when she saw my nails... "Ew, gross!"). I tried to apply a thin coat, but perhaps I put too much on? I will try it again tomorrow with fresh polish, but if it still looks like this, I'm going to take advantage of Harmon's fantastic return policy and try a black, or just forget about it entirely.

Even weirder is I haven't found a single mention of this polish on the internet no matter how many variations of "Crackle'd" I search for. No blogs, no reviews, no online stores selling it. It's not even on LA Splash's official site! What's with this mysterious product?