Monday, July 11, 2011

Color Club "Wicked Sweet" scented nail polish collection

I found this scented nail polish collection at TJMaxx for $7.99. I was hesitant at first because I wasn't familiar with the Color Club brand (they don't sell it around here) and I thought it was a cheap drugstore brand. Little did I know! This awesome neon collection is called "Wicked Sweet" and retails for around $20-30!

The colors include, from left to right (click above image for larger view):
Get Your Lem-on - bright yellow shimmer
The Lime Starts Here - bright green shimmer
I Always Get My Man-darin - tangerine-orange shimmer
Yum Gum - sweet pink creme
Raspberry Rush - magenta creme
Gimme A Grape Big Kiss - bright purple creme
Wicked Sweet - neon blue shimmer

They are scented when dry, they all have various sweet fruity flavors. The lemon, to me, smells like lemon scented toilet cleaner. They're all little silly, but the scent isn't as strong after the first day, so it's not bothersome.

I'm fully into the neon trend, and went crazy with the colors. Why wear just one?!

I used all colors but the grape. I've gotten so many complements on my brightly colored toes - they really make me smile! :)

My favorites are probably the green, blue, and yellow because they're the most unique. Without the rest of the collection surrounding them, the pink, raspberry, and grape cremes look like boring, generic nail colors because they're not particularly neon (seriously, my grandma always has her nails painted a similar raspberry color!). I think they would have looked better as shimmers too.

I think I will continue the fun multi-colored toes look this summer, but I can also see myself using most of the colors by themselves. It was definitely worth the 8 bucks!

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