Sunday, July 31, 2011

Belated Caturday and Harry Potter

Panini and her foster babies

I've been a bad blogger and not only missed the past few weeks of Caturday, haven't been blogging nearly as much as I want to. There are two main reasons for this:

1) The kitties themselves! They've been a handful. We've fostered lots of cats before, but never five orphans. They needed constant attention bottle-feeding, cleaning and caring for them, and although now they can eat by themselves, they still want attention all the time! And one little guy was sick for a while a needed a few vet trips and daily medicine. Panini has adopted the kittens as her own and is the sweetest little foster mommy, and she helps us grooming and playing with them! They're six weeks old now, so we'll have them for another 2 weeks.

The Weasley brothers!

2) Harry Potter! Haha.. I have never been interested in Harry Potter, ever. When the books first came out, I guess I thought I was too cool for it (I had too many other nerdy things to obsess about) and just never got into the series. Well, my best friends convinced me to watch the movies in succession so we could see the last one in the theater. So we rented them all and had somewhat of a marathon, except it took 2 weeks instead of 1 weekend like we expected, watching parts of the movies every day. And now I'm a big Harry Potter nerd. I have a huge crush on Snape!

I saw the final movie in the theater on Friday, and have been spending whatever little time I have on the computer looking up goofy YouTube videos and hilarious HP memes.

My birthday is in a few days (August 3rd) so I'll hopefully be doing some fun things this week and the upcoming weekend, but I'll try to get back into the blogging habit. I just have to make myself stay off the Cheezburger Network...

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  1. The kittens are so cute and friendly- great job on fostering them!