Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Revlon "Just Tinted" jelly nail polish!

I discovered this new nail polish when I was scrounging around Harmons in a last-minute attempt to buy something with the $2 off Revlon coupon that was about to expire. It's called "Just Tinted", to go with their lip stain "Just Bitten" (which I really do not like, but that's for another day)... and it's a jelly! I've heard all about jelly polish but I've never tried it, so I gleefully got it in the shade "Victorian" for $2 off the $4-something price tag.

It's super cute!! The above photo shows it with 2 coats and no top coat. As you can see, it has somewhat of a matte finish, which I left like that because it was an interesting look. I will probably put a top coat on it the next time to see what it looks like all shiny. It held up pretty well even without a top coat - I took the photo on the 3rd day after doing my nails, so they're a little chippy at the tips but still looked good.

I hope they create them in more shades - currently there are only 4, all pinks. It's definitely a cute and fun look, now I'm sold on jellies!

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