Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color test drive

I read that gel polish could be painted over with regular polish, and removed without harming the gel underneath. Since the grow-out was a little too visible for my liking after one week, I decided to do a cover-up with this new Wet n Wild polish I picked up recently.

This color is called "Buffy the Violet Slayer" and is from their new line of spring shades. They've been out for a few months but only recently have I seen them in stores around here. They're super cheap at around $1.29 a piece, and because the line is new, all the store stock is fresh (recently I've seen polish that's obviously separated and old on the shelves!)

The bottle has an odd round-ended flat brush that's supposed to disperse polish more evenly, but it didn't necessarily. It seemed to collect polish and deposit a large blob on my nails if I wasn't careful! It seemed a little too big for use on the toes too.

The polish did dry extremely fast and coated very well. The above photo shows only one coat (on top of the pale pink gel polish I have on), although I put two coats on my toenails. It's more of a dull satin finish, so I used a clear topcoat to get it shiny and glossy. I wasn't very precise around the cuticles, so it's a little uneven and lumpy in that area - but that's no fault of the polish, just my messy application.

I LOVE the color - this shade of purple is my favorite color in general - and I've never gotten so many complements on my nails before. I was repeatedly asked if I got my nails professionally done! Although technically the nice shape and current length of my nails is due to the gel polish, the purple is really eye-catching and looks great, even though I just slapped the polish on in a matter of minutes.

It's lasted about a week without chipping at all, so I'm pretty impressed. The other shades in this spring line are super cute too, so I might have to grab a couple more colors while they're still available!

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