Thursday, May 5, 2011

Did you get your Big Fat Payment from Ebates?

It's the end of the quarter for Ebates which means I got my Big Fat Payment deposited to PayPal today! :) I got $18.73 back - not a huge amount, but definitely something! The most from one purchase ($3.75) was when I got 7.5% cash back on a pair of slippers I ordered for my dad.

Since I joined Ebates mid-2009, I've gotten $191.90 total cash back! I love the fact that I'm getting money from doing what I do normally (which is SHOP!) and it's no extra effort. Of course, I immediately spent my chunk of change received today on some new perfume from eBay, but hey - it's less money out of my own pocket!

If you got your payment today too, how much did you get? If you're not yet a member of Ebates, you should join!

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