Monday, May 23, 2011

$118 worth of The Body Shop stuff for $18!

I got a super deal at The Body Shop the other day by stacking sales and coupons - I left the store with all of the above (plus a gift set not pictured) for only $18!

The first reason I came into the store was for a little event they had not advertised well (I went in the evening and they said I was the only person that day who knew about it!) where they introduced their new bronzer products and could give you a makeover using the products. I declined the makeover, but they showed me all the cool new items. Love Your Body members got a free lip gloss just for participating!

I still had another Groupon that I wanted to use before the end of the month, when it will drop in value from $45 to $40. They were having a buy-2-get-1-free promo for skin care and makeup, so I decided to use my Groupon for some random things. I got some Nutriganics eye cream and a Tea Tree night lotion, and grabbed one of the new Honey Bronze dry oil, which is a light shimmer oil with a hint of color. I got the Honey Bronze oil for free since it was the lowest priced item.

I also picked up a lemon body scrub, which was marked down from $16 to $10, and a cherry lip butter which was on clearance from $8 to $2.

The total worked out to be less than $50 after my LYB discount, so the cashier told me I should buy one more small thing in order to push it over $50, where I'd get a bonus LYB point. So I raced around the store trying to find one more thing, when I realized I needed a last-minute birthday present for a friend, so I scooped up a Hemp Skin Essentials gift set for $20.

1) Hemp hand protector from the Princess Bag (worth $10)
2) High-shine lip treatment for participating in the event (worth $6)
3) 50mL sized body butter from a coupon in the mail - free mini body butter with $10 purchase (worth $6)
4) Honey Bronze dry oil after B2G1 free sale (worth $14)

1) Nutriganics eye cream $20
2) Tea Tree night cream $18
3) Lemon body scrub $16 $10
4) Cherry lip butter $8 $2
5) Hemp gift set $20

LYB discount: minus $7
Groupon: minus $45

The total price of everything I left with was $118, but after my Groupon, I ended up spending only $18, for a total savings of $100 or 85%! Of course, the Groupon itself cost $20, so I really spent $38 out of pocket. I made it to 8 LYB points though, which means I get a free membership renewal ($10) and $25 towards anything in the store. What am I going to buy with that $25?? I am so stocked up with products now, it's kind of scary!

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