Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shopping at Old Navy's One Day Wonder Sale

I went nuts for these crochet cardigans when I saw them in the Old Navy store a few weeks ago. They're so cute and versatile - but they weren't on sale, and at $22.94, I wasn't feeling it. So I was quite happy when I heard that last Saturday they were having a One Day Wonder sale where all their cropped cardigans were only $8! I came armed with a $10 off $50 coupon (printable from their Facebook page) and this neato thing too:

I'm a member of Crowdtap, another word-of-mouth marketing-type site where you answer polls, give brands feedback, and sometimes get free samples. (If you'd like to join, click here, it's free of course!) Old Navy had an excellent promotion and selected people to receive free spring dresses, you got one coupon for you, and 3 to share with friends!

Unfortunately the spring dresses weren't all I was expecting - most of them were cute, but ill-fitting. Too boxy, too long, too flimsy, weird proportions, etc. I tried on tons before I settled on a dress I liked, which is nice but it wasn't something I would have purchased if I didn't have the coupon. It's a shift dress in white eyelet lace, a little retro, a little shapeless, but will hopefully be cute for warmer weather.

I ended up getting the cardigans in 4 colors because I just couldn't decide! I covered all the basics with  black, white, and a grayish-brown, and then got the peach one since I need more color in my life. They're cute over sundresses or t-shirts, so I hope to get a lot of use out of them.

I also picked up an embellished t-shirt which I had been eyeing and was finally on sale, as well as a cute linen skirt in army green. I have the same style of skirt in khaki which I wore all the time last summer, it's so comfy and cute!

Price breakdown!

Crochet cardigans - normally $22.94 - $8 (x4)
White dress - normally $34.50 - free!
Embellished t-shirt - normally $17.94 - $10
Skirt - normally $24.50 - $9.99

Items' retail total: $168.70
After sale total: $51.99
Minus $10 coupon, final price paid: $41.99

So I saved about 75% , and paid less than $6 per item!

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  1. LOL! I was just going to buy that shirt. =P Nice haul. =)