Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pledge to be more eco-friendly and get free stuff from! is having a cool little promotion for Earth Day. They teamed up with Bolder ( which awards you for making pledges. They have 9 eco-friendly pledges available, with rewards like $10 in free Seventh Generation products, a free 4-pack of Scott Natural paper towels, and $2 off Aveeno Active Naturals products. The full list is here: Bolder - Challenges

When you fill out a short (under 140 characters) response, they email you a coupon code that you can use on the site. You can use as many as you want at one time - right now I have a cart full of free stuff! One glitch though - the $10 off Seventh Generation products coupon should be off multiple items, but it only takes $10 off one item. It also doesn't work on their Earth Day special bundle. So you can choose an item at or over $10 (I'm getting the paper towels for free) or lose some value off the coupon. They have 15% off Seventh Generation items, so everything is cheaper than usual! gives you free shipping at $39, and your free items count towards the cart total. You can pay shipping on the free items, or shop for other things while you're at it - there are tons of cheap beauty and household products available, with sales and coupons available. I had no problem getting to $39 with stuff I've been wanting to buy!

They also have a neat referral program - if you've never shopped there before, enter my referral code KN084036 at checkout, and you'll get 20% off your order! If you placed an order before, you won't get the discount, but the code MYSOAP2 will also get you 20% off if it's your second order. I'm not sure if it will work if you've made 2 or more orders in the past.

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