Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet deals at Victoria's Secret!

I got a few mailings from Victoria's Secret lately that had some nice deals - one was from Pink Nation (free to join here!) that included a coupon to get a pair of their new style of panty for free! I also received an Angels Rewards Card for $10, I'm not sure if it's something all Angels cardholders got, or if I reached a certain point level on my card. Either way, I went in to see what I could get with it.

I was going to buy a fragrance mist for $8 but needed something extra to reach $10, and that's when I discovered the Secret Moments line. They were only 3/$15 (regularly $10-12 a piece) so that sold me immediately! I got fragrance mist and body cream in the Island Escape scent, which is "beachy coconut and sugarcane" - sooo yummy! I also got body lotion in the Girls' Night scent, which is "flirty peony and waterlily".

With any $10 purchase at VS now, you get a Secret Rewards Card, which is worth at least $10, but could be up to $500! I got two around Christmastime, and they both ended up being $10, but hey, ten free dollars is ten free dollars! :)

So after the free panty coupon and $10 card, I got everything pictured (normally over $42!) for only $5! Plus I have at least $10 more to spend with the Secret Reward Card, which is valid April 1st through the 30th.

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