Sunday, March 27, 2011

New product alert: Bath & Body Works Signature Naturals

With all the promotional email I get from Bath & Body Works, you think they'd mention something about a new line?! I walked into the store today to find a giant display for Signature Naturals! Yes, Bath & Body Works has produced a line of products that is 95% natural!! This is GREAT news because while I love Bath & Body Works' scents, most of their body lotion has parabens in it, and others have mineral oil and petrolatum, which aren't a complete deal breaker but I'd rather avoid petrochemicals.

I asked the manager about it and he said the line just came in this week and they are one of the limited number of stores selected for a trial run - that means it does have the potential to not become a regular line. So of course I had to support their new venture and buy some! They were included in the buy-3-get-2-free or buy-2-get-1-free Signature Collection promotion, and I had a coupon for a free Signature Collection item with a $10 purchase or more. So I ended up getting 4 products (the photo above only shows 3 because I got 2 of the same kind) for the price of 2! They are the same price as the normal SC items, $10.50.

They have three scents available: Fresh Lemon - "a bright citrus blend of fresh hibiscus, sunkissed lemon and orange oil", Lotus Flower & Mango - "a beautiful blend of passionfruit, white lotus and bergamot oil", and White Tea & Lavender - "a fresh blend of tea leaves, lavender petals and mandarin oil". They have body lotion, body wash, and fragrance mist in each of the 3 scents.

Ingredients for the Fresh Lemon body wash (photo edited for readability)

 Ingredients for lemon body lotion:

Ingredients for White Tea & Lavender body lotion:

The good news is, even if these products aren't available at your local store, you can still buy them online. They're pretty hard to find on the website (why are they hiding it? It should be on the front page if they want it to succeed!) so here's a direct link to the collection: NEW! Signature Naturals Collection. The BOGO promotion is also running online, so you can take advantage of that as well as 20% off with the coupon code SPRING20 - you can also try code S113992 for 20% off and a free travel sized Signature Collection item (add item to cart before using code). Coupon codes are not stackable but you can still get 3% cash back with Ebates.

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