Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Caturday!

It's a very exciting Caturday today! I just got word from the shelter I volunteer at that there are a few litters in need of fosters. We're getting a rescued pregnant momma cat who's going give birth in the next few days!

Last year in February during the Winter Olympics, we took on a momma cat with 4 newborn babies. We named the mom Yuki (Japanese for snow, since she arrived during a snowstorm) and the babies after Olympians competing - Bode, Shaun, Apolo, and Lindsay. They were only 3 days old when we got them, so we got to witness kitten development and raise them with love. They were adopted almost immediately after they were old enough to go to the shelter, Bode (the one with the nose stripe above) was adopted by my best friend and is a big healthy boy who just turned 1 year old!

Then in August of last year, we got 4-week old Truffles and Panini. They were mommy-less, their brother had died a few weeks prior, and they required a lot of special care. Panini was a sickly kitten and for a while we thought we'd lose her. We ended up adopting little Panini after returning them to the shelter because we loved her so much! Now she's strong and healthy (albeit a little tiny for her age) and Truffles, also adopted by a shelter volunteer, we hear is doing great too.

It's so exciting to have kittens again! As of now, I don't know what the mother cat looks like (we're getting her tonight around 6) or how many babies there will be, so it's going to be fun! We get to name them too, so I have to start thinking of good baby names! My family is particularly notorious for having crappy cat names.. like Ace (from "First Kitty") and Deuce ("Second Kitty", naturally) or Fluffy (most stereotypical boring cat name ever?) or Little Dude... just because we can't all decide on one name!

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