Saturday, March 5, 2011

50% off goodies - Harmon shopping spree!

I was so excited to go to Harmon, it felt like I hadn't been in forever and I wanted to check out some new products! Well, a lot of what I was looking for wasn't in yet (or already sold out) but I did manage to score some good deals! Everything in the photo above (plus some things not shown) cost only $30.61 before tax!

I came armed with plenty of coupons - their $5 off $15 are the best, especially since you can use multiples! If you spend $30, you can get $10 off; if you spend $45, you can get $15 off, and so on! My total was a few bucks shy of $45, so I grabbed some candy and gum by the register to make it up to $45 so I could use a 3rd coupon. Cadbury eggs are delicious, but I can only manage one or two a season because they're so over-the-top sweet!

Here's a breakdown of everything I got - the final price in bold is the price after the $5 coupons were taken off (the receipt shows the discount spread over everything, which ends up to be around 33% off per item).

Physicians Formula Happy Booster bronzer - $11.19 - $1 on-product coupon - $6.86
Alpha Hydrox glycolic cream - $9.99 (no coupons) - $6.72
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara - $6.79 - $1 off coupon from Sunday paper - $3.93
Maybelline Express Finish nail polish - $2.99 - $1 off coupon (from display in-store) - $1.33
Organix Coconut Milk Treatment - $6.99 - on clearance for $2.42 - $1.61
Organix Vanilla Silk styling cream - $6.99 - on clearance for $2.42 - $1.61
Lip Smacker Naturals - $1.99 - on sale for $0.99 - $0.66 (bought 2)

Cadbury eggs $0.89 - $0.59 (bought 2)
Dentyne gum $1.19 - $0.80 (bought 2)

Not shown:
Always Pantyliners (2 boxes) - $3.19 per box - $1 off 2 coupon from P&G paper insert - $1.79 a box
Conair comb - $1.29 - (no coupons) - $0.87

Total before discounts: $61.55
Total after discounts $30.61!

The best deals I think are the Organix products, as well as the Lip Smackers. I LOVE the Lip Smackers naturals!! They're on sale for $1 off (as well as ALL Bonne Bell products!) for the month of March, so I might have to go back and get some more while I can get them for so cheap.

They also have some adorable new products out, including the wet n wild lip/eye pallets and pastel nail polishes, and Maybelline eyeshadow and more in spring-y colors (the nail polish I got was from the new line). Some older wet n wild products were 10% off, and Maybelline eyeshadow singles/duos were clearanced to $2.70 or less - plus there was a stack of $1 off coupons on their displays!

Harmon also has $1 off Neutrogena Naturals with in-flier coupon (which is stackable with the $1 off coupon from a recent Sunday paper), but they hadn't gotten all the products in stock yet. I'll be returning before the end of the month to check if they do! There are many other coupons in the flier this month that have partner manufacturer's coupons, including Almay and Revlon, which could net you some good deals if you're in need of the products!

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