Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nearly $100 worth of beauty products for $16.28!

After a heads-up from The Makeup Drawer about getting Rimmel stuff for cheap (thank you so much! :D), I headed to my local CVS to see if I could score any deals.

I rarely go to CVS, and just opened a new Extra Care card in the fall because I'd lost mine - so I was quite surprised when the coupon printer gave me $3.50 in ECBs based on my quarterly usage - I'd only used it once that I can remember, and the transaction was only $4! So I had that to my advantage, plus three $2 off Rimmel coupons I printed from their Facebook promo.

I didn't realize that the Rimmel stuff is usually quite expensive, but the real deal was that some of it was marked down to 75% off! So most of their items were in the range of $1.50 to $3. There were also 50% to 75% off stickers on things all over the cosmetics area (just required a hunt to find them all) making for some sweet deals.

Here's a breakdown of the things I bought:

Rimmel eyeshadow quad: $8.49 marked down to $2.07, minus $2 coupon = $0.07
Rimmel mascara (plus bonus eyeliner): $10.49 marked down to $2.62, minus $2 coupon = $0.62
Rimmel lip gloss: $6.49 marked down to $1.62, minus $2 coupon = FREE plus $0.38 overage!
Almay pure blends powder: $11.49 marked down to $2.87
Almay pure blends foundation: $15.99 marked down to $3.99
Revlon eyeshadow singles (I bought two): $5.79 marked down to $1.47
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty blush: $11.99 marked down to $2.99
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty lip gloss: $12.79 marked down to $3.19
Renpure Organics hair treatment: $6.99 marked down to $3.50 (the sign said it would be $5-something, so it was even cheaper than I expected!)

For an added bonus, the hair treatment came with a ticket for a mail-in rebate for the price you paid, so I'll get that $3.50 back! I also got $7 in ECBs back for the purchase of two Revlon products! So while my total was $16.28 ($17.26 with tax), you could say it cost me under $6 for everything! The cost of everything at the original retail price would have been $96.30!

CVS also started a "Beauty Club" program. They handed me a ticket that said 10% off (the lady saw me making laps around the beauty section), but when you present it at checkout, it prints out a 10% coupon at the bottom of your receipt for your next beauty purchase. It has to be used within 3 days of today, and it's not valid on sale items. So I most likely won't be using it. But I will attempt to print out a few more Rimmel coupons and get to CVS again before my ECBs expire!

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