Monday, January 31, 2011

Cute cheap finds: Target and Goodwill

A big Goodwill opened in a nearby town we sometimes go shopping in. Goodwills around here have become SO expensive I barely shop there anymore - especially when I can buy brand new clothes at Old Navy or wherever for $5, why pay even more for used clothes? But the one good thing about them around here is that they get cast-offs from Target and other stores! It seems that overstock or clearance items that don't sell get sent to Goodwills, so there are tons of brand new things hanging around!

Today I saw tons of Christmas decorations, pajamas, shoes, comforters/bedding, and other stuff fresh from Target. Ironically, some of the Goodwill prices were higher than the clearance prices they didn't sell for at Target!

My find was this awesome pink leopard Mulberry for Target bag! It was originally $29.99 (and I'd eyed it in Target multiple times) but at the Goodwill for $10. Brand new with tags, of course! I also then stopped at Target and found another one - the teeny black one - for only $3.47 on clearance (normally $14.99)!

 Then I found all this awesome V-Day stuff in Target's dollar section. Hand towels, cellophane bags, a cupcake rug, and little heart-shaped boxes.

Everything was $1 or $2.50! I love Valentine's Day, if not for just the massive amounts of cute stuff the stores all produce. Valentine's Day used to all be about sappy cards, velvet heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and stuffed animals holding hearts and/or candy. Now it seems like just an excuse to make adorable things, especially cupcake-themed things! Since when do cupcakes = Valentine's Day? To me, they're a year-round thing, but who cares, as long as they keep making cute stuff, right? :)


  1. I can't find them at my Target stores!! =(

  2. The Valentine's stuff? :( I didn't see them at my closest store but they were at this other one today. Maybe they just released it all?