Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All this stuff for $2.25 - Target holiday clearance!

This past Sunday I hit up Target for their 75% off holiday clearance. I'm sure by now it's at 90%, but I doubt there's much left either. There was NO candy left at all, they were completely wiped out! There was a fair amount of decorations and Christmassy things left, but I stuck to the $1 bins, where all the pink dot items were 75% off too!

So I got everything in the above photo for 25c a piece - only $2.25 for everything! I got 3 Hello Kitty notepads, 2 clutch/wallet thingies, 2 folding brushes, a 2011 planner, and Mountain Dew Code Red lip balm. Of course, nothing was really necessary, but splurges that cost so little are always welcome in my book!

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