Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet deals at Kohl's!

I went to Kohl's the other day armed with coupons, $10 gift cards and Kohl's Cash! I mentioned before how my grandma (and all other residents of her senior center) gets these $10 cards in the mail, and she collected a bunch of them for us from ones people had thrown out. They seem to be sending these out more frequently now, like once a month! We also had $20 in Kohl's Cash from a previous purchase. With the 15% off coupon going around, and the "night owl" power hours I caught, I managed to get some awesome deals!

The $10 gift cards aren't stackable, meaning you can only use one per transaction, but you CAN stack them with percentage-off coupons, as well as Kohl's cash. The Kohl's employees don't seem to mind that customers had more than one card (they do come free in the mail, after all), although you still have to pay in separate transactions.

My first purchases: BOOTS!! There's no article of clothing I love more than boots. I wear boots as much as possible, which is about every day in the winter, starting in the early fall and going into late spring. I have tons of boots, and I can never resist buying more. And I got these for SO CHEAP! :D

Pair #1: Black motorcycle-style boots - SO brand "Blissful" - These are awesome because they look like tough boots, but they're faux fur-lined and made out of a suede-like material! They have a nice sturdy sneaker-like bottom so they're super comfy. I got the last pair in my size from the back room, so lucky!
Original price: $69.99
Power hours sale price: $18.99
Minus $10 card: $8.99
Minus 15%: $7.64!

Pair #2: Furry brown boots - SONOMA life + style "Katy" - These are sooo warm and toasty and no less than 10 people told me on the first day I wore them how how awesome they are! I love them! Like the others, they're quality made with a nice cushioned bottom, fur-lining, and a suede upper. I'm lucky to have found them at the power hours sale, because their regular sale price is more like $34.99.
Original price: $69.99
Power hours sale price: $23.99
Minus $10 card: $13.99
Minus 15%: $11.89!

I got this long "skinny" Candie's cardi on a whim: it's really super cute, but a little edgy with the studded pockets.

Original price: $44
Power hours sale price: $16.99
Minus $10 card: $6.99
Minus 15%: $5.94!

And while not nearly as exciting as boots or clothes, the reason I went to Kohl's was to look at their sheets. I have no decent sheets as I pretty much only use satin sheets, but they've been annoying me lately (by sliding the comforter off the bed 5 times a night) so I was looking for some nice quality 100% cotton ones, especially now it's so cold.

I found these 100% pima cotton luxury sheets, which are as soft as butter but carry a price tag of a whopping $119!!

But you know I certainly didn't pay that much! I had seen them on sale for $59.99 the previous week, but during the power hours sale they were reduced further to $50.99. I decided to use the $20 Kohl's cash in addition to a $10 card, which worked out like this:

Original price: $119
Power hours sale price: $50.99
Minus $20 Kohl's cash: $30.99
Minus $10 card: $20.99
Minus 15%: $17.84! (with tax, $18.91)

In total, I bought $302.98 worth of stuff for $44.38! It was nice to have a little shopping spree-like splurge without spending all that much!

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