Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bath & Body Works stocking stuffer haul

Mom was looking for some small hand creams for stocking stuffers, so we popped into Bath & Body Works to see what we could find. We ended up with the above pile of goodies for only $20! Here's how it worked out.

The smaller sized items are usually $6 a piece. There were a few promotions running, including buy two get one free for Bliss Spa items (like the "Lay it on Thick" and "Shea it isn't so" in the above photo), but there was also a 3 for $10 promo running on some of the same items. Interesting, as 3 for $10 is obviously better than 3 for $12 (what the B1G1 would have been).

So all of the above items fell into the 3 for $10 promo. We only got 6 items, but then realized we had a $10 off $30 coupon. So why not get 3 more items to bump our total up for $30 and get them for free? We also had a coupon for a free item ($13 or less) with a $10 purchase.

After much debating, we settled on a Twisted Peppermint soap and lotion set for our free item - which was normally $16 but all gift sets were supposed to be 25% off. We were rudely told by the cashier that it was only gift sets in baskets (although the signs were posted everywhere, on sections were there were no baskets in sight), and that didn't count. So we quickly chose a replacement item - the mug filled with vanilla products, which was $12.50.

The total of the items if you paid full price (although I can't see how anyone would!) would have been $66.50, but we walked out with all of them for $20! I am disappointed I left the coupon for a free reindeer Pocketbac in the printer, which would have gotten me another free item, but oh well, maybe next time!

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