Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Body Shop Joyous Sticker Event haul

I wasn't planning on going to The Body Shop this weekend, but when my mom proposed a spontaneous trip to the mall yesterday, I was all for it. I wanted to smell the new holiday scents and check them out, not thinking I was actually going to buy anything. Oh, how I was wrong!

One of the employees presented me with a sticker card upon entering. I had posted about this weekend's Joyous Sticker Event sale yesterday, but the full details weren't disclosed online. How it works was simple: you got a sheet of 9 stickers, sort of like a bingo card (all cards were the same). Every one had a different discount on it, so you could choose your own sales by sticking the stickers on whatever item you wanted. If you used all 9 stickers, you got your choice of one of three free gift sets worth over $50.

The stickers:
  • Free moisturizer when you buy a cleanser
  • 2 for $25 body butter (200 mL)
  • 3 for $12 home fragrance oils
  • 40% off any item
  • 50% off any make up item
  • Free 50 mL body butter with holiday gift set purchase
  • Free conditioner when you buy a shampoo
  • $12 any skin care travel kit
  • Free fragrance shower gel when you buy any fragrance

I was shocked to see the buy any cleanser, get any moisturizer free sticker! I love the Nutriganics day cream but it never goes on sale and I've been hesitant to pay $22 for it. I currently use and love the tea tree cleanser, which is $11, so what a deal that was!

I wasn't planning on buying more than the cleanser/moisturizer, but as you can see from the photo of my haul, that didn't last long! I only really started using The Body Shop products about a year ago, so there's a lot I'm still unfamiliar with. After looking around and finding lots of fun stuff, things I could give as Christmas presents, and Mom wanting some things too, we ended up using 6 out of 9 stickers and filling our basket up. The ones I didn't use were the fragrance oils, fragrance, and 50% off makeup. One of the other fabulous deals was the Nutriganics travel set (usually $35) for only $12!

Of course then they told me about the Love Your Body club (a $10/year membership which gets you discounts, gifts and other specials), and since you get 10% off your purchases, I decided it was worth joining. I got about $7 off my purchase, making the card cost only $3 right off the bat.

All in total I spent about $80 after tax ($30 of it being Mom's) but we saved over $90! I'm almost tempted to go back and use the last three stickers, but the final gift set isn't in one of my favorite scents, so I think I can hold off. I already bought a ton of stuff I don't need, but it was such a fun sale, it was worth it :)

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