Tuesday, November 2, 2010

$30 worth of stuff at Harmon for $14.81!

I went to Harmon's today on a whim (like always!) and saved 50% with some chance sales and a couple coupons!

The Freeman's Organic stuff was all on price cut from $6.99 to $4.98! I love their moisturizer and face mask, so I picked up the face wash and scrub to try. Harmon is one of the few stores that carries this brand, so I'm glad to see it on sale.

Kushyfoot is a brand I've heard a lot about recently but never saw in stores before. It looks like they just brought a stock in, and some of it was on clearance! The socks were marked down to $1.78, and although I'm not sure what the original price was, their other socks were $4 to $7.

I had a $5 off $10 Wet n Wild products from All You magazine, so I picked up my favorite powder and some awesome new sparkly nail polish ($1.78 each). They also have these limited edition eyeshadow pallets. I certainly don't need any more eyeshadow, but I'm a sucker for limited edition things, and I needed something else to push my total over $10 (and didn't need another powder, I have several stockpiled).

It turns out that Harmon has a weird coupon policy. They've always been different, I've noticed, because they can't take manufacturer's coupons off the total price, and rather price adjust an item's price down. So when I gave them the $5 off coupon, they couldn't take it off the total of the W'n'W products, but rather took it off one item (if I had a $5+ item, it would have taken the whole $5 off) . Both the powder and eyeshadow were $4.49, but they couldn't take that extra $0.51 off. So I lost $0.51, but I'm not gonna complain about it.

I also used a $5 off $15 Harmon coupon. The total of everything if I had paid full price would have been around $30, but after the coupons and sales, my total was only $14.81 ($15.62 after tax).

Can't wait to try out all my new stuff! :)

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