Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Body Shop Cyber Monday sale!

Ohh, I spoke too soon in my last post! I forgot about Cyber Monday, and just what do I see in my inbox but The Body Shop's Cyber Monday sneak peek!

Their sale: 3 items for $30 - the same that was in stores Black Friday! AND they have free shipping with any order! So basically, the same deal without having to get up at the crack of dawn :) Hooray! It looks like the sale has already started, so you don't even have to wait until tomorrow!

Black Friday finds

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. A full week of work is ahead of me and I'm not looking forward to it, but at least I had a nice relaxing mini-vacation. Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, and it was good times all around with friends and family.

I wasn't going to do any Black Friday shopping, but we ended up venturing out in the afternoon to see what was going on. Traffic and crowds weren't too bad, so I guess that was the time to shop if you weren't looking for any doorbusters! Kohl's had already finished their sale at 1:00 so we missed it, but it was no big deal. We ended up going to Old Navy and Walmart.

At Old Navy I got two pairs of pajama pants for $5 each, and a sweater for $15. If only I hadn't just bought a bunch of pjs, I would have bought more - they have such cute designs and $5 is so cheap! I've had my eye on the long john-type bottoms, but they were $14.50 and hadn't been cheaper than $12, so I was quite excited to see them included in the deal!

Can you tell I like pink? Actually I really only have like 2 pink shirts to my name - it's really not a color I wear often...

At Walmart I didn't really get anything that was on sale! I picked up this awesome little portable external harddrive, not even knowing it SPARKLES!! (I have a thing for little sparkly lights)

I have been wanting one of these since my computer failed, because my old external HD is a behemoth of a thing that needs to be plugged into the wall to work, and I end up tripping over it or knocking it over (seriously, it's crashed to the floor so many times, I'm surprised it still works at this point - although it is built like a tank!). It always takes way more effort than it should, so I back up everything less than I should. This is barely bigger than an iPod and gets all the power it needs from the USB!

I could have waited for it to go on sale, but I'd been checking the prices online and they were all about the same, and there were no Black Friday deals that I could find for external HDs, so I just bit the bullet and bought it. 

The one sale we did pick up was a flat-screen TV for the second living room - the room with the fireplace. We've been having fires almost every day now it's cold, and I've been spending most of my time there, but there was no TV (actually there was, but it was a 1989 model and was so crappy we didn't even bother turning it on!). Believe it or not, around 4pm at Walmart there were PILES of TVs at the front of the store, and the sale price was still valid. We were pretty amazed, and since we'd wanted a TV in there for a while - we actually bought one last year but my dad appropriated it for his personal use - we decided it would be a good time to get it.

So it was a stress-free Black Friday, but I'm happy with the things I bought! If anything, I'd have liked to go to The Body Shop to hit up their 3 for $30 sale, but I've spent so much money there lately it seemed kinda silly! They're always having good sales so it's no big loss.

Did you get any good deals this weekend?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fluffy and Panini bird watching - Molly's out in the background!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. I took Panini to the vet yesterday because she'd been sick since the weekend. I had taken her for her shots on Friday, and to get a culture of this strange lump she has on her neck. She got sick the next day so I figured it was a reaction to her shots or something with the lump, since it had been punctured.

Well, the lump turned out to be a localized infection and not cancer or anything (thank goodness!) and seems to be going away. But she was still sick, and getting sicker. She hadn't eaten in 2 days and we were getting really worried. Yesterday she just seemed in pain, so I called up the vet and whisked her in. Well, it turns out she wasn't sick - she was injured. She had eaten one of my mom's sewing needles, and it lodged in the back of her mouth, several inches down into her neck! :( I'm still cringing at the thought - my poor kitty!!

Mom keeps her sewing supplies on a high shelf, out of the cats' reach, but she must have sneaked one away while Mom was sewing. It still had the thread attached. She needed emergency surgery to get it out, and after a little resting, we took her home. She immediately chowed down a whole can of food upon her return, and I hadn't seen her so active and animated since we first brought her home from the shelter!

I'm glad that trauma is over and she's feeling a lot better now. Now we need to work on beefing her up, as she's almost 5 months old and only 3.5 lbs - look how skinny she is! She's always been half the size of her sister (who got adopted the other day, by the way!), but her multiple illnesses have just set her back. She'll have a special serving of turkey set aside for her today :)

And on the subject of cats, today is Murphy's 7 year anniversary with us!

Thanksgiving 2003, he followed the neighbors home while they were walking after their meal. They called us up and asked if we were missing a cat - we weren't, but because they're not cat people, they dropped him off with us. We posted "found cat" signs, and several people came to see him, but no one claimed him. He's still with us after all these years!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DIY skincare: pumpkin mask

While you're opening cans of pumpkins for your Thanksgiving meal, sneak a little bit to try this mask! Pumpkin has naturally exfoliating enzymes, which will unclog your pores and slough off dead skin. Honey is a great moisturizer, while cider vinegar balances pH, tones and prevents acne.

  • 1 tsp pumpkin puree
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp flour
  • 1 egg
  1. Combines all ingredients
  2. Beat mixture with a fork until smooth
  3. Apply to clean dry skin and leave on for 20 minutes
  4. Rinse with warm water

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Body Shop joyous bag update + sale report!

Yesterday I went to The Body Shop to claim my second free gift from the Joyous tote bag and to see what the "Unwrap Your Joy" sale event was!

The free gift of the week (week 2: November 21st through November 27th) is their best-selling hemp hand protector - 1.0 oz size, retail price $10! I'm thrilled about this, as I received a sample of it, loved it, and planned on buying it next anyway!

The "Unwrap Your Joy" sale event was a peelie card - everyone received one at the door, and you opened it to see what your discount was. There might have been more, but the potential discounts I saw were buy 1 item get 1 free, $20 off $40, $10 off $15, or $100 free! Someone there in the store while I was shopping had picked a $100 coupon - lucky girl!!

I got $10 off $15, which is really like getting $15 worth of stuff for $5. I decided to try the Rainforest Moisture hair butter mask, which was $14, and got a little coconut shower cream ($3.50) to bump the total over $15. I probably could have found something cheaper, but I will use it as a stocking stuffer :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Caturday: Fuzziversary

It's Caturday! And a special Caturday it is, because it's Fluffybutt's 1-year adoption anniversary!

Fluff was just a little baby when I first met her at the shelter in the summer of 2009.

Although she's 4 months old in this picture, she looks so little!

I always giggled at her scruffy appearance, she wasn't quite short-haired but didn't look long-haired either. She just looked scraggly! Her name at the shelter was "Wuzzy", as in "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear". Her littermates were Fuzzy, Bear, and Beary! (Bear is shown up there, black and white)

Wuzzy always sat in my lap while I played with the kittens while volunteering, and her sweet personality grew on me. Months passed and she got bigger. Most of her littermates and roommates were adopted, but poor Wuzzy remained. Eventually, in November, I convinced my parents we needed another cat. She was almost 8 months old when we took her home, a "teenager" in the shelter's words. By then, she'd outgrown her awkward kitten phase and wasn't quite as scruffy looking, but she was still scrawny.

Several days after adoption, already taking over the house

We had a great debate over her name. I thought up some clever and adorable names, but my dad wanted to call her "Fluffy". Seriously, how cliche is that?! Even my grandma laughed and said "Gee, that's original", and my grandma is not usually one for sarcasm! But it stuck, although we appended the "butt". Dad insists her given name is "Fluffy" and her nickname is "Fluffybutt", but I consider it the other way around. She has a vast amount of nicknames, including "Fuzzbucket" and "The Fluff Master". The shelter people just roll their eyes at me when I mention her new name, and continue to call her Wuzzy ;)

Fluffy now, showing off her secret belly spots!

Now she's a year and a half old, so she's fully grown and has a full fluffy coat, complete with a lion's mane. She's quite a large cat, body-wise she rivals our male cats, and has a graceful, exotic air to her. She also has enough personality for two! I'm so glad I brought her home :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Body Shop free shipping + 2 free gifts!

The deals are rolling out for the weekend! The Body Shop is offering free shipping and two free gifts with any $25 purchase this weekend! The gifts are pictured above, they're sets of a mini body wash and lotion in five different scents, usually worth $5 each! The free shipping is a good deal too, the minimum is usually $50.

They're also having an in-store promotion this weekend, but details aren't disclosed online. The only clues are "Everybody Wins" and that you might even get your entire purchase free! My guess is it's a scratch-off type game where you can win a discount or free item. They always have such fun promos!

Bare Escentuals secret sale - 30% or more off!

Bare Escentuals is having a secret "Pick Me Up" sale online today from 9am to 9pm PST (so noon to midnight EST). A bunch of items are on sale for 30% off and up! There are lots of little sets and things that would make awesome holiday presents. The only way to access the sale is through this link, it's not advertised on the main page!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get a free gift card with your e.l.f. order!

E.l.f. is having a price-tiered gift card offer available now until November 21st!

Spend $50 and get a $25 gift card back with code CB25
Spend $25 and get a $10 gift card back with code CB10
Spend $15 and get a $5 gift card back with code CB5

Limit $25 in gift cards per person.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 shopping splurge

A while ago I posted about a Groupon for - $10 for $20 worth of products. I bought it, and a few days ago decided to put it towards good use!

I bought a bunch of stuff I didn't need, but at least it was a discounted splurge :) Since has a lot of brands and products I've never seen in stores, I decided to use it on things I had never tried before. I got:
  • Upper Canada Soap Whipped Hand Repair Balm in Sweet Vanilla Fig $7.99
  • "Chicken Poop Lip Junk" an all-natural lip balm $2.70
  • c. Booth Derma Trial-size Kit (contains cleanser, scrub, toner, moisturizer and body lotion) $14
  • c. Booth Brazilian Nut Dry Oil Spray $6.99
For a total of $31.68, which I paid $11.68 of after the Groupon. So counting the $10 I paid for the original Groupon, it was $21.68, with free shipping - not bad!

The best part of my order was how quickly it arrived. I ordered it Friday morning, and it was on my doorstop Saturday afternoon! I could not believe it made it out of the warehouse and to my house that fast. I give them major props for their superhuman speed!

They offered me a referral code, so anyone who enters it into the site when they first sign up gets 15% off their entire order! Enter KN084036 to get your sign-up bonus.

Small Target trip + pajama bonanza

Continued from my previous post!

We went to Target with a few things in mind, one of which was the Glade gift card promotion. Specific Glade items were on sale for $2.50 each, and if you bought 5, you got a $5 gift card! Some of the stuff was $4 and up regularly, so it was a good deal.

We had just bought a bunch of candles elsewhere, so we decided to try something new - the oil candle burners with their yummy new holiday scents! These little candle disks melt into oil to disperse the scent.

As you can see, we opened and used some immediately, before I could take a picture. We ended up with 4 refill packs and 1 burner (which came with 1 oil candle) in Bayberry Spice, French Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, and Baked Magic.

All together it was $12.50, but I had a $1 off Glade Target coupon, as well as a $1.50 off manufacturer's coupon, making it $10 even for all 5 products. I probably could have done better and found more coupons, but it was spur of the moment, and I still got a great deal! I also got the $5 gift card, and gave it to Mom (who checked out behind me) to use on some other stuff we got (eco-friendly LCD Christmas lights and good stuff like that :D).

My other grand purchase:

I've had a $2 off Maybelline Eyestudio coupon for a while now, I've been waiting for the opportune moment to use it. This eyeshadow quad runs about $7.50 to $8 in my local stores. I was shocked to see at this Target (not one we usually go to) it was only $6.42! So I figured now was the time - and I got it for $4.42 with the coupon!

I also had a little pajama splurge, although not all at Target. On Target's printable coupon site, they had a $10 off 3 pajamas coupon. While it would be ideal to grab a bunch of clearance PJs and get them all for free, I am in dire need of winter PJs and am drowning in summer ones (the only ones on clearance). So we decided to split it up - I got one PJ set (which comes with a long-sleeved shirt, long pants AND shorts) for $19.99, Mom got a pair of PJ pants for $10, and we got another 3-set for someone as a Christmas present. It wasn't much savings, but $10 off is better than nothing! And the designs are sooo cute!

I got the rest of the PJs from Kohl's. My grandma had received several $10 gift cards in the mail (her apartment complex is right down the street from a Kohl's, so they send them out as promos - lucky!!) and gave them to us (super lucky!). The blue PJ set was $40, on sale for $24.99, I used one $10 gift card, making it $14.99, and then a 30% off coupon we got in the mail, making the set only $10.50!

The two shirts were actually just ladies' long-sleeved shirts, but they're 100% cotton and were only $7.99. So $15.98 for the two of them, minus a $10 gift card and the 30%, they came out to be $4.19 total, or less than $2.10 each! Score!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day of unexpected freebies

I had a busy but fun weekend! Saturday night I went into NYC for my friend's birthday party and spent the night. We had dinner and drinks and attempted to go to karaoke, but all of the places with suites were full and we gave up after a while. The next morning we had massive slices of triple chocolate birthday cake, Jamba Juice smoothies, and walked around the city. Fun times :)

My friend had received a bottle of the new Kim Kardashian perfume from a coworker, and doesn't wear perfume, so she gave it to me! First unexpected freebie of the day. Sunday when we were browsing the market at Byant Park, one of the vendors of natural bath products (handmade soaps and good stuff like that) gave us free lip balms! Their website is at Soap Creek if you want to check them out. Lots of great-smelling products!

After I got back home, Mom was looking through the circulars from the paper and proposed a spontaneous trip to Target. We decided to go to the other Target in the area, which is in a mall, and the mall was closing in less than 2 hours so we had little time to run around and shop! First I went to Origins to give an empty moisturizer bottle to the recycling program. The Origins I usually go to gives me whatever sample they have available, but this one asked me to choose a products and gave me a little sample jar to take home! I chose the Ginger Souffle body cream.

Next, I went to The Body Shop to exchange my first coupon from the Joy Bag For Life promo. I was expecting the free gift to be a sample size of something, so I was quite shocked when they pulled out a full sized coconut body butter! They're worth $20! You can still buy the tote that comes with the coupons (it's only $5 and supports charitable causes) and you'll get a free gift like this every week until the end of December! I'm excited to see what the rest of the gifts will be :)

Target haul in another post - it's time to watch House!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


It's Caturday! Above is a rare scene I snapped earlier this week - the boys, Murphy and Deuce, sleeping in close proximity to one another! They're in a constant Alpha-battle state, trying to intimidate one another, so it's not often you see them being buddy-buddy. I think it's all for show, since they never actually fight and are both sweeties.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Goodies from the Joyous LYB event 11/11

Yesterday, The Body Shop had an event for LYB members in stores. Just by showing your card, you got a goodie bag, refreshments, and 20% off everything in the store!

This was my first LYB event (considering I just joined last week) and was shocked to see the contents of the free goodie bag!

Three samples, a mini body butter, and a coupon for $5 off any purchase! The mini body butter retails for $8, what an awesome freebie! For refreshments they had cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate truffles - yum yum :)

Since I'd just bought a ton of stuff there, I didn't need anything else, but I did buy one of their eco-tote shopping bags. It's $5 (and $2 gets donated to charitable causes) and with it came a stack of coupons to be used once a week until the end of the year. The coupons are for free gifts - so one freebie a week for the rest of the year! Anything you bought yesterday would be 30% with the bag (in addition to the 20% off for LYB members) but the coupons should come with the bag until the end of the year. The first coupon can be used starting next week!

I also stopped at Bath & Body Works because my mom wanted to get some Wallflowers (scent diffusers) which were on sale for $6 for a 2-pack. They have such yummy scents, we got some of the Twisted Peppermint ones last time and they smell so amazing, we had to get some more! We had a coupon for $10 off $30 and needed a couple extra bucks, so I got some of these cute PocketBac hand sanitizers. I use the warm vanilla sugar kind now but I'd never seen the cupcake ones! Such cute designs!

And here's Panini being cute with the bag :D

$50 worth of L'Occitane goodies for $25!

This weekend only (sale price is good through Sunday 11/14), L'Occitane is offering a bundle of their best sellers for half off! The set includes:

- Verbena Body Lotion 8.4 fl. oz.
- Almond Shower Oil (Travel Size) 2.5 fl. oz.
- Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion (Travel Size) 2.5 fl. oz.
- Almond Delicious Soap 1.7 oz
- Shea Butter Hand Cream (Travel Size) 0.5 oz

These "Treats of L'Occitane" would make a great holiday gift! Shipping is free with a $40 order (limited time only) and you can choose 2 free samples with any order. Ebates users get 4% cash back!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Half off mineral makeup at e.l.f.!

E.l.f. is having a 4 day sale on their mineral line! Get 50% off all mineral items (brushes too!) with a minimum purchase of $20 - up to a discount of $100! Their mineral stuff is already really cheap and great quality, and would be a great idea for holiday presents! Use code MHHALF at checkout, valid until 11/14.

Review: Olay Definity 14-Day Skin Rehabilitation

Forgot to take a photo of the product before I used it, so here's a stock photo!

Olay Definity 14 day Skin Rehabilitation

Price: $23.77 on (I purchased it on sale at a drug store with a coupon for about $13)

Claims: “Olay Definity 14 Day Skin Rehabilitation counteracts past skin stresses to diminish discoloration PLUS wrinkles in just 14 days. “

EWG Rating:
First phase: 6 (for fragrance and salicylic acid)
Second phase: 5 (for fragrance, DMDM hydantoin, triethanolamine, and a few other chemicals)
Third phase (mask): 6 (for fragrance, various parabens, and others)

This is a 14 day product that's used at night in place of your usual moisturizer. By all means, not a natural product, but at the very least, the first two phases do not contain any parabens, mineral oil or petrolatum – which are deal-breakers for me when it comes to moisturizers. The first two phases consist of days 1 through 13, while day 14 is an intensive mask.

First 7 days: The texture of the stuff was nice and light, blended into my skin easily, but oddly became opaque once it dried. It left streaky marks and gave my skin a chalky look. It moisturized well without being greasy, and my skin didn't feel dry, but the chalky look was off-putting.

Next 6 days: This stuff was thicker, and felt nice and smooth going on. It wasn't chalky, but left a metallic sheen on my skin. Also was a perfect level of moisture, didn't leave my skin dry or greasy.

I didn't bother with the phase 3 mask.

Packaging: The little tubes were a nice concept, but were pretty messy. The tops were hard to tear off without unintentionally squeezing the product out. It was hard to get the product out if you had some on your fingers already (in other words, it would go flying), so I ended up squeezing the whole tube out directly onto my face and then rubbing it in.

Results: Honestly, I didn't see any drastic improvements. Or any subtle improvements either. When washing my face in the morning, my skin felt soft and smooth, but it didn't seem to be permanent, as it wasn't noticeable by the end of the day. It was probably more of the soft feeling the product gave as I washed it off my skin. If anything, my skin seems a little less dull and more dewy, but I didn't see any improvements in fine lines or removal of any discolored areas.

The only noticeable change was that I broke out pretty badly, a problem I see is pretty common after reading other reviews. And that alone is enough reason to save your money and buy something else.

Overall rating: D

Would purchase again? No

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ways to reuse and recycle your unwanted health & beauty products

While trying to clear the clutter from my cosmetics collection, I've been finding more and more products that I want to toss. But to throw everything away just seems so wasteful! So I brainstormed this list of ways to reuse, repurpose, or recycle those products you no longer want, but don't know what to do with.

If it's brand new, unopened and still fresh:
  • Donate your toiletries, cosmetics and other health and beauty products to a local shelter or food pantry – both would welcome such items, which are donated less often than food products
  • Donate hand soaps, dish soaps, laundry products, and cleaning supplies to animal shelters
  • Create care packages for troops overseas – try or U.S. Troop Care Package
  • Give to friends or relatives
  • Create gift baskets of necessities for friends and relatives who are going off to college, just got a new house/apartment, had a new baby, or other milestone events where such products are necessary
  • Sell on ebay, Amazon, or at the next garage sale you have
If it's open but barely used:
  • Keep a basket of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions, toothpaste and other necessities stashed away for overnight guests
  • Offer toiletries, fragrances, lotions, and makeup to less-picky friends
  • Host a beauty swap where everyone brings some things (that aren't icky for multiple users) to trade
  • Leave hand soaps, hand creams, fragrances, etc in your office bathroom for everyone to use
If it's mostly used or otherwise not in giftable condition:
  • Wash your sink, shower, and toilet with shampoo, body wash, hand soap or other cleansers (it works, with less toxic chemicals)
  • Use conditioner as a shaving cream
  • Clean your stockings, delicate laundry, makeup brushes, or combs with shampoo or gentle face wash
  • Use unwanted face lotion as hand or foot cream
  • Rub lip balms on your elbows, knees, and other scaly skin
  • Use old clear nailpolish (top or base coats) for crafts, sealing cut ribbons so they don't fray, or as sealant for rhinestones and other cheap jewelery
  • Give toiletries to your kids (or other kids you know) to make 'potions' in the bathtub
Of course, if it's moldy, smelly, or simply that bad, just dump it down the drain and recycle the packaging! Origins "Return to Origins" recycling program will take clean, empty cosmetics containers to recycle and give you a free sample in return. Many Whole Foods stores collect any packaging with the 5 logo, if your local recycling program doesn't take them.

Have any more recycling or repurposing ideas? Leave a comment!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

25 cent shipping at e.l.f. today!

E.l.f. sold 25 million products today, so they're offering shipping for only 25c as a thank you to all customers! Enter 25FOR25 at checkout. This is only good until 1am EST today, so shop quickly! Also, 100 lucky shoppers will win a $25 gift card for orders placed today!

Update! The free shipping sale has been extended an extra 25 hours! It now ends at 2:00 am EST November 11th (or the night of the 10th, depending on how you look at it)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free shipping on any order at Philosophy!

Good until tomorrow - get free shipping on any order (no minimum) at Philosophy! Use the promo code holidaybliss at checkout. They have lots of new yummy holiday scents and special gifts!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Body Shop Joyous Sticker Event haul

I wasn't planning on going to The Body Shop this weekend, but when my mom proposed a spontaneous trip to the mall yesterday, I was all for it. I wanted to smell the new holiday scents and check them out, not thinking I was actually going to buy anything. Oh, how I was wrong!

One of the employees presented me with a sticker card upon entering. I had posted about this weekend's Joyous Sticker Event sale yesterday, but the full details weren't disclosed online. How it works was simple: you got a sheet of 9 stickers, sort of like a bingo card (all cards were the same). Every one had a different discount on it, so you could choose your own sales by sticking the stickers on whatever item you wanted. If you used all 9 stickers, you got your choice of one of three free gift sets worth over $50.

The stickers:
  • Free moisturizer when you buy a cleanser
  • 2 for $25 body butter (200 mL)
  • 3 for $12 home fragrance oils
  • 40% off any item
  • 50% off any make up item
  • Free 50 mL body butter with holiday gift set purchase
  • Free conditioner when you buy a shampoo
  • $12 any skin care travel kit
  • Free fragrance shower gel when you buy any fragrance

I was shocked to see the buy any cleanser, get any moisturizer free sticker! I love the Nutriganics day cream but it never goes on sale and I've been hesitant to pay $22 for it. I currently use and love the tea tree cleanser, which is $11, so what a deal that was!

I wasn't planning on buying more than the cleanser/moisturizer, but as you can see from the photo of my haul, that didn't last long! I only really started using The Body Shop products about a year ago, so there's a lot I'm still unfamiliar with. After looking around and finding lots of fun stuff, things I could give as Christmas presents, and Mom wanting some things too, we ended up using 6 out of 9 stickers and filling our basket up. The ones I didn't use were the fragrance oils, fragrance, and 50% off makeup. One of the other fabulous deals was the Nutriganics travel set (usually $35) for only $12!

Of course then they told me about the Love Your Body club (a $10/year membership which gets you discounts, gifts and other specials), and since you get 10% off your purchases, I decided it was worth joining. I got about $7 off my purchase, making the card cost only $3 right off the bat.

All in total I spent about $80 after tax ($30 of it being Mom's) but we saved over $90! I'm almost tempted to go back and use the last three stickers, but the final gift set isn't in one of my favorite scents, so I think I can hold off. I already bought a ton of stuff I don't need, but it was such a fun sale, it was worth it :)


My handsome man Deuce

Have a great weekend! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Choose your code at The Body Shop

This weekend only, have your choice of three discount codes at The Body Shop!

Free shipping with any order: JOY1
25% off $40 or more: JOY2
$20 off $60 or more: JOY3

If you're visiting the store this weekend, they're having a promotion where you receive discount stickers to choose your own sales too!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Use it or Lose it" Challenge

I love beauty products - that's no surprise. But I also have the problem of buying more than I need. I'm sure that's not unusual for others too. I find good sales or just have to try something new, and end up with way more products than I'll ever be able to use.

Point in case: right now, I have 10 open face washes in my bathroom (photo above is of one shelf in my shower), and 11 body lotions. No joke! Now I love variety, and have certain products for certain uses so I'd never stick to just one of something, but even I can see the excess in that.

What compounds the problem is my inability to throw perfectly useful things away. I'm no hoarder, but I hate being wasteful. So when I end up with something that I'm not entirely fond of but it's not so terrible I can't use it, I hang on to it. Maybe use it once a month or less often, and it just sits there taking up valuable real estate.

So I've decided to challenge myself - use it or lose it! For the month of November, I'm going to go through my massive stash of open beauty products, and re-try everything. If it doesn't work, if it contains ingredients I don't want to put in/on my body, or if I'm just not thrilled with it, I'm going to get rid of it. And I'm not going to feel guilty about it if I find it a new home, a new use, or at least recycle the packaging.

How about you - do you have more products than you could ever use in a lifetime? Do you hold on to things out of guilt? Let me know how you deal, or if you decide to take the challenge with me!

Walgreens holiday instant-win sweepstakes!

The Walgreen's Halloween instant-win sweepstakes ended October 31st, but now there's a "Stay Jolly" holiday themed one! Enter here every day for a chance to win up to $100 in Walgreens gift cards! You'll have to input your info again even if you played the Halloween sweeps, but only the first time you play.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Share your photos and help save the environment!

GE is hosting a unique charity project called the Ecomagination Photo Project. Share your photos of light, wind, and water and they and their partner charities will donate light, wind, and water to those who need it. Every photo of wind you submit will provide 4.5 kW hours of wind energy, light photos make 175 hours of solar power, and water photos provide 480 gallons of clean drinking water.

All you have to do is browse your photo folder and find something you've taken - or if you're a Flickr member, it can pull right from your photostream. If you use Swagbucks (and click through their link), you'll receive 7 SB for your submission.

Spare a quick moment and do something good for the earth!

The Body Shop 2 day free shipping promo!

Today and tomorrow only - The Body Shop is offering free shipping on ALL orders, and they're throwing in 5 free samples! The buy 2 get 1 free deal on bath & body products is still going on too!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

$30 worth of stuff at Harmon for $14.81!

I went to Harmon's today on a whim (like always!) and saved 50% with some chance sales and a couple coupons!

The Freeman's Organic stuff was all on price cut from $6.99 to $4.98! I love their moisturizer and face mask, so I picked up the face wash and scrub to try. Harmon is one of the few stores that carries this brand, so I'm glad to see it on sale.

Kushyfoot is a brand I've heard a lot about recently but never saw in stores before. It looks like they just brought a stock in, and some of it was on clearance! The socks were marked down to $1.78, and although I'm not sure what the original price was, their other socks were $4 to $7.

I had a $5 off $10 Wet n Wild products from All You magazine, so I picked up my favorite powder and some awesome new sparkly nail polish ($1.78 each). They also have these limited edition eyeshadow pallets. I certainly don't need any more eyeshadow, but I'm a sucker for limited edition things, and I needed something else to push my total over $10 (and didn't need another powder, I have several stockpiled).

It turns out that Harmon has a weird coupon policy. They've always been different, I've noticed, because they can't take manufacturer's coupons off the total price, and rather price adjust an item's price down. So when I gave them the $5 off coupon, they couldn't take it off the total of the W'n'W products, but rather took it off one item (if I had a $5+ item, it would have taken the whole $5 off) . Both the powder and eyeshadow were $4.49, but they couldn't take that extra $0.51 off. So I lost $0.51, but I'm not gonna complain about it.

I also used a $5 off $15 Harmon coupon. The total of everything if I had paid full price would have been around $30, but after the coupons and sales, my total was only $14.81 ($15.62 after tax).

Can't wait to try out all my new stuff! :)

Early holiday beauty sale round-up!

It always seems like the day after Halloween, stores start rolling out the Christmas stuff. I saw stores with Christmas stuff weeks ago, but yesterday and today, I've noticed a lot of online shops redecorated for the holidays and are starting their sales early!

I don't know about you, but I plan on getting all my holiday shopping done early this year, especially if the sales are already starting. I'm not big on Black Friday - too much hype, not worth sleeping on the sidewalk for 24 hours before the store opens! - and I like to shop from the comfort of my own home, or at least at times when I don't have to risk my life to shop! Here are some holiday beauty sales I've found already!

Bath & Body Works has put up their decorations and moved their holiday/winter-limited scents to the main page. Their signature collection body care is buy 3 get 2 free, 3-wick candles are on sale 2 for $30, and their hand soaps are 4 for $15 or 6 for $20. They also have pages compiling gift sets and stocking stuffers. There's also a printable coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase, or use online code HOLIDAY30, good until November 21st. Ebates users get 3% cash back.

The Body Shop has re-released their cranberry scent, and have a bunch of products featuring the limited fragrance. All bath and body products are buy 2 get 1 free, and they've made pages for gifts and stocking stuffers. Ebates users get double cash back this month only, for 10% of your purchase!

It's now snowing on the e.l.f. website, and they've highlighted their gifts page for holiday shoppers. You can find gifts by price or by who you're shopping for, which is always convenient. They also have new shimmery cream eye shadows which just scream 'holiday party' to me! Ebates users get 4% cash back! (They had to have just added them, they weren't there when I ordered!)

Bare Escentuals is not jumping on the holiday bandwagon yet, but their new arrivals today look like they were made for holiday gifts. Cute little sets of lip gloss and lipstick, eyeshadow collections, keychain lip glosses, and mini mascara and liner sets are some of their new products.

Crabtree & Evelyn has put up a gorgeous winter display with a limited pine-scented fragrance in a variety of products. The best deal is their 60 Second Fix for Hands sets are on sale for only $15 (usually $30). They have been demonstrating this product in stores lately and it's super nice - definitely a great gift idea too! There's a coupon code for $10 off a $40+ purchase and free shipping: 60SECONDS.

Have you found any good holiday sales already? Tell us in the comments!