Friday, September 10, 2010

New site get 20% off!

I got a mailing from MyPoints about a new health and beauty site called! They appear to be in the same vein as, offering a variety of household products as a one-stop shop. They also, like Alice, automatically include coupons on products that have them available.

There's a coupon code out right now to get 20% off your first order: MYSOAP20
Or if you're spending more, this code will get you $10 off an order of $49 or more: CXNN1957

Shipping is also free on orders over $25! Ebates users will get a nice 5.5% cash back too!


  1. I'm just so jealous of couponing, dude.
    I've been doing some research for coupons in my area, and the only Mexican site that has them, asks for you to complete a million offers (with purchases !) before actually giving you the coupons ! So lame !
    Either way, hope you're having fun with all of this and I might take your offer of being my shopping service one of these days :P

  2. That's so not fair! I don't know why they allow US & Canada for a lot of things but don't include Mexico. Do you have stores like Walmart and Target and CVS and stuff there? Maybe the brands are all different?

    But yeah you could just buy stuff online using my address and I can send it to you :)