Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long weekend :)

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a nice long weekend! I spent most of my weekend like this:

Okay, not really, because I am not a cute fluffy kitten with a spotty belly. Nor did I sleep as much as I would have liked, although it was more than I get on your average weekday. But I did get to relax, do some shopping, hit up a library book sale, and do a lot of reading.

I love library book sales, mostly because of the last day "stuff a bag" which is common, around here at least. On the last day of the sale, you're given a large shopping bag and you can fill it up with as many books as it can hold for a flat price (usually $5, sometimes as low as $3 or even free!)

Because of the many book sales I've attended since the start of summer (which would be four, if I'm not forgetting one), my bookshelves look like this:

And that's only one of three shelves! This time around, my mom and I got over 100 books for $10! Although they weren't all novels, in fact around 70 of them were children's picture books. We use them for crafting - making ATCs, greeting cards, envelopes, or whatever else we might find use for. Some of them are so cute, especially the retro ones. I found a bunch of inspirational mini-books from the 1960's and I just love the little drawings! I definitely won't be cutting some of them up!

Seriously, how cute is that!?

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