Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bath & Body Works haul!

I went to Bath & Body Works today armed with my printable coupon for a free item! I wanted to get the Warm Vanilla Sugar eau de toilette, so I figured it was a good time to buy it. Little did I know there were tons of other deals going on!

The first deal was get a free body lotion with any eau de toilette purchase. I asked an employee if I could use the coupon and also get the free body lotion (so I'd get two things free) and she said yes! But not only that - there was a buy 2 get 1 free sale going on at the same time. So if I bought one more thing, I'd get ANOTHER freebie!

I actually didn't need that much stuff, so my mom got in on the deal. We ended up getting the following:

Vanilla eau de toilette - $26.50
Vanilla body lotion - regular $10.50, free with EDT purchase
Vanilla body cream - regular $12, free with coupon
White Citrus shower cream - $12.00
White Citrus shower gel - regular $10.50, free with B2G1 promotion

We got $33 worth of stuff for freee!

The EDT was a little pricey but it was something I intended to buy so it wasn't like I bought it just to get freebies ;) The employee was actually encouraging my deal-stacking and told me another scenario: if I wanted a second EDT (instead of the shower cream), I would get a second free body lotion and still qualify for the B2G1 deal, so I'd end up paying for 2 items and getting FOUR free! The B2G1 deal also applied to the EDT, if it was the lowest priced item, so you could save a lot if you wanted to stock up on perfume!

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