Friday, August 27, 2010

Review: Organic Fiji Coconut Oil

EWG safety rating: 0 (that’s excellent!)
Budget friendly? $12.99 for 13 oz ($1.00/oz) on

I’ve heard about the wonders of coconut oil from several people before trying it myself. This particular brand is 100% pure coconut oil, all organic and no additives. It has a fabulous natural scent, like a freshly cracked-open coconut. Coconut oil is unique that it’s solid at room temperature, and liquefies as it gets warmer. It’s a little hard to extract from the jar when it’s solid, but in the summer at least, it alternates between a slushy consistency and pure liquid - both of which are easy to apply. I’ve used it on my body and my lips, for which it’s very hydrating. When used as a body lotion, it locks the moisture in all day. It's also great for softening-up rough patches like knees and elbows.

Word of caution: a little goes a long way (when it hits your skin, it liquefies and spreads easily) and if you use too much or don’t rub it in enough, you get a little greasy. I end up with cat fur stuck to me in places it’s not absorbed all the way! But overall, it moisturizes very well, has a wonderful scent, and is all natural – no chemicals absorbed into your body! I definitely recommend it.

Pros:  100% organic, pure coconut oil (no additives), very hydrating, smells fantastic

Cons: Hard to scoop out when solidified, greasy if not rubbed in all the way

Overall: A

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