Monday, August 30, 2010

End-of-month Walgreen's trip

The August Walgreen's coupons expired Saturday, so I headed over for a last-minute shopping trip to use them up!

I wasn't very organized about it, and ended up getting some things I didn't need, and didn't get some things I'd intended to, but I think it turned out all right!

What I got:
  • Bubble mailers - $1.99, on sale for 39c (limit 3) 5.97 $1.17!
  • Pilot Frixion erasable pens - $3.99 on sale for $3.49 minus $2 in coupons: $1.49!
  • Uniball gel pens - $4.19 on sale for $2.49 minus $1.50 coupon: $0.99!
  • Burt's Bees Acne Solutions face wash - usually $9.99 on clearance for $4.99 minus $2.00 coupon $2.99!
  • [Not pictured] Walgreen's brand bleach 96 oz- not sure of usual price, on sale for $0.99, bought two $1.98
If I had paid for everything at regular price, it would have been over $24, but I spent a grand total of $8.62! Pretty boring stuff, I know, but all useful. I use the bubble mailers like crazy for mailing out books and other things I swap, and they're usually expensive! Both kinds of pens are super awesome, both brands are actually Japanese (did you know Pilot and Uniball were Japanese companies? I didn't until recently) and I had used the pens in Japan and loved them. And I donate the bleach to the animal shelter I volunteer at - it was number one last week on their most-needed list of supplies!

I think the Burt's Bees face wash was the best deal, since their stuff is pricey and rarely goes on sale. I don't know why it was on clearance (it was the one and only bottle) so I was pretty lucky! :)

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